Face It Athletics (F.I.A) is a non-profit organization dedicated to community uplift. Our mission is to provide opportunities for youth and adult empowerment by facilitating inter-generational education, communication and recreation. Face It Athletics was founded by Thomas Benjamin and he made a commitment to stay actively involved in the positive progression of all surrounding communities. We have a group of men that are all from South Florida and have been involved in numerous social, athletic and recreational activities that were available to youth in their adolescent years. Drawing from those experiences, we strive to create an environment where all residents can take an active role in maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. F.I.A strives to promote values such as respect, dedication and a commitment to community service. F.I.A has identified a lack of organized programs or activities as a contributing factor to our deteriorating neighborhoods. We seek to help rebuild the community by creating an atmosphere where all persons specifically the youth can evolve into dynamic, caring and progressive individuals. Face It Athletics events provide an opportunity for our youth and adults to work together. F.I.A promotes teamwork, discipline and hard work. It also provides a recreational and entertainment outlet for the community. Many of the top players from the NBA, IBL, ABA and overseas players come to compete in our annual basketball tournament and give back to the community at our annual Family Fun-Day. In the coming years, F.I.A will continue to strive towards our goals of youth and adult empowerment, development and communication while providing positive outlets for our community. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and local Park and recreation centers and the Palm Beach County School Board and the many professional athletes that support us.


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