Family Field Day /Kick Ball Tournament

 Are you ready for an exciting ONE of a kind event that's enjoyable for the entire family. If you answer is yes then come join us at our annual Family reunion field day kick ball tournament June 13, 2015 from 12pm - 5:00pm.

Our family field day kick ball tournament is designed to promote health and wellness it also encourages physical activity and healthy living for children and families  and most of all FAMILY UNITY.


The first ten (10) families to register will have a chance to compete in event. Each family must include at least two (2) children between the ages of 6-13 and must have at least one (1) adult. You can have a minimum of six (6) family members and a maximum of eight (8). 



Entry to field day games is FREE. The winning family will receive a $250.00 cash prize. Registration is limited to the first ten (10) families only. To register your family/team click on registration link below.

                                        2014 NBA FIT Family Reunion Field Day Games  winners



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